Bill Made $1,560.00 Profit His First Month – eBay Dropshipping Titans!


Less than a month after Bill signed up for my Dropshipping Titans course, he reached out to me to tell me that he made over $1,500.00 in profit during his very first month of dropshipping! I was blown away at how quickly he was able to achieve this level of success and knew that I needed to get him on my Youtube channel to learn how he did it.

So how was Bill able to scale his store so quickly. Here is what he did:

  • He never gave up. Bill had some trouble when he first started dropshipping and almost gave up. He stuck it out, however, and is so thankful he did. As with anything new, there is a learning curve involved when you first get started. If you can get past that point, you will be light years ahead of all the people who gave up as soon as things got tough.
  • He found someone to support him. Soon after joining the course, Bill joined the course's private mastermind. I created this group so that all the students in the course could support and encourage each other. Bill took this to the next level. He and another one of my students, Scott, started privately chatting with each other. Each night they compare notes – “What did you have trouble with today today?” “How many listings did you accomplish today.” Bill credits Scott for a lot of his success. It really helps to have someone to hold you accountable and to bounce ideas off of.
  • He hired a virtual assistant. Bill is a really smart guy. But, in his own words, he knows that the best way to build a business is to hire people who are smarter than you. He recognized that a lot of virtual assistants have been dropshipping for a lot longer than he has. He hired an experienced virtual assistant to help with listings, which allowed his store to grow much faster.
  • He loves dropshipping. Bill has been in sales for a while and immediately recognized that we as dropshippers are providing an invaluable service to people. Shoppers on eBay don't want to shop around. They want to log onto eBay and make their purchase right there. We as dropshippers make that possible for them.
  • He jump started his success. Instead of wasting months trying to figure out dropshipping on his own, he invested in my course. As he describes it, this saved him so much time because it showed him step by step what to do to get started.

Make sure to checkout the whole video to hear everything Bill has to say about his early success on eBay.