What a crazy week this has been! As many of you know, we recently decided to move from New York City down to sunny South Florida. I'm finally down here in my beautiful new home!

But first I had to drive the 1,282 miles to get here. It was just me, my dog (Orlando), and a huge bag of snacks. To help pass the time, I called many of my subscribers who had signed up for free 10 minute coaching calls and also answered many questions you guys sent me on Instagram (@pauljlipsky if you want to send me a question). It was great connecting with so many of you. I was trilled to hear that so many of my students have seen success with their dropshipping businesses.

If you didn't get a call from me or you missed my call, don't worry. I'm going to be making more of those calls soon (more on that later). But for now I wanted to single out one question I received because I thought it was an excellent one:

What happens when you're dropshipping an item from Amazon to eBay, but when you go to fulfill the orders on Amazon, Amazon tells you that you can only buy a certain number of those items. 

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This was the question one of my students, Ceo asked me. Ceo told me that he was thrilled because he recently had more orders on eBay than he's ever seen before. One of those products was the Amazon Fire Stick. He started fulfilling the orders and everything was going fine. But then after the fourth or fifth order, Amazon told him he couldn't buy any more.

What should he do?

Starting Multiple Amazon Accounts

Your gut reaction might be just to create multiple Amazon accounts because each account has a new limit. This does work but it's limiting. If the item becomes very popular in your eBay store, you'll have to create more and more Amazon accounts. After a certain point, it's not the most sustainable approach.

Another problem with this approach is that if you're tax exempt on Amazon, you'll need to become tax exempt in all your accounts. That's a lot of paperwork! This trick might help you if you're in a pinch, but I wouldn't rely on it.

Find The Item On Other Websites

After you buy four or five on Amazon and hit your purchase limit for that product, you can always shop around to see if it's available on other websites. For instance, I found the Amazon Fire Stick on Best Buy for the exact same price as on Amazon. In fact, many websites will price match Amazon if the price is different.

This will also help you if you already sold the items on eBay and need to fulfill the orders. But it's also not always a long term solution. You have to be careful here. Many times if the item has a quantity limit on Amazon, it will also have a quantity limit on the other websites too. In fact, on Best Buy you can only buy up to five Fire Sticks per customer. In addition, you might not be tax exempt on these other websites like you are on Amazon.

Delete The Item From You Store

As you can see, dropshipping products with a purchase limit is a problem. If you do sell a bunch of them overnight, you can probably fulfill all the orders by buying as many as you can on your Amazon account and then buying the rest from other websites or new Amazon accounts. But in the long run, this can become unsustainable.

This is why I always delete these items from my eBay account when I run into them. Since I focus on systems that run efficiently, this makes the most sense for my store. In fact, most dropshippers I know delete these items too.

However, since no one else is willing to sell these items, it creates a huge opportunity for those who are willing to sell them. I always try to be clear about this – just because I don't do something doesn't mean it's bad. There are so many opportunities when it comes to dropshipping. So many tactics to try and so many suppliers to test. I can't possibly try them all myself. Many times the reason I don't do “this or that” is not because it's bad, but because I don't have time to figure out how to do “this or that”. If you can, you'll have a huge advantage over everyone else who doesn't.

Never List These Items Again

If you decide that items that have purchase limits are not for you, then I want to show you how to avoid them. This is best explained through video, so if you click on this link I'll show you the trick:

Click here to watch the “hack”

My New YouTube Series

I also wanted to announce that I'm adding a new “series” to my YouTube channel. For the past year and half, I've shown up live (almost) every week to answer your questions about eBay and Amazon dropshipping. You can ask my questions by leaving them in the comment section of any of my YouTube videos. But now, you can also DM me a voice message that I will play live (with a shoutout to you) and then answer. So connect with me on Instagram and DM me a voice message

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Or, if Instagram is not your thing, send me your phone number. Every week I'm going to call subscribers like you, answer any questions and record it for a future YouTube video (don't worry, none of these will be live)! It's 100% free coaching!

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I look forward to talking with you next week!

– paul

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