How to Dropship from Aliexpress for beginners | How to dropship on Amazon or eBay

We're going to talk about how to dropship from Aliexpress onto websites like eBay, Amazon and even a little bit about Shopify. I'm going to tell you exactly what products we are looking for and what to avoid.

I wanted to make this post all about Aliexpress because this is a common question that I get. How do you dropship from Aliexpress on eBay or Amazon and even Shopify and it's very understandable that people want to know about this because there's a lot of people talking about it. The reason for that is because with dropshipping from Aliexpress, you're getting items primarily from China that you can buy cheap and you can mark them up for a higher margin on the other platform like eBay or Amazon.

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What You Need to Know About Aliexpress

There are some things that you want to avoid. I want to make sure you don't make these mistakes with Aliexpress. Aliexpress sells a vast assortment of different items. Lots of home goods, little trinkets, and small electronics. So to start, here is what I would do…

The things I would do:

Cash Back for Aliexpress

The other great thing is that Aliexpress has a lot of really high cash back. Be sure to check out websites like Top Cash Back to see how much extra they’ll pay you!

Start Dropshipping the Item

If you find a good product, let's start to dropship them. If they sell, you know people want these items. You know they're in demand so what you can do is come over to Alibaba and buy these in bulk so you can have it as much cheaper. If you buy enough of them, send them to Amazon FBA or hold them yourself and ship it out yourself.

Now your margins are even higher, and if you can set up your store like that, now you have your website, you don't have to worry about eBay or Amazon fees, and you're building your brand, your website.

Warning about Aliexpress

One thing I want to warn you about is that some of the items on Aliexpress are just bad quality and even worse some of these products look like knock-offs even if they're not. If you search for earbuds on Aliexpress, you'll get a lot of these items that kind of look like the Apple earbuds, and you know that this is not something you want to sell. This is something you can get in trouble with potentially if you're selling something that looks just like the Apple version even if it's not or even if it's not pretending to be.

The reason why I took a long time to make a blog about Aliexpress is that I've ordered items from Aliexpress to try it out. I ordered an item like the fake looking Apple earbuds. They arrived, and they were terrible, absolutely terrible. They were huge. They were ugly. They didn't work well. It's just a complete junk.

Good Way To Start

Let's say this whole method isn't really for you. You are not feeling it. You are not sure where to start, and you didn't stumble on the right category as I did. An excellent place to start is

That's how I would get started drop shipping from Aliexpress onto any of these websites like eBay, Amazon, or even Shopify. You can use these websites to verify the product before you build out a Shopify store. Before you start building up buying a lot from Alibaba, or using them for Amazon FBA.

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