What if you could dropship items onto eBay with a 100% markup? I didn't believe it either until I saw this. 

Here is an item on Aliexpress that costs $45 with free shipping:

And here is someone who sold the exact same item on eBay for $99.99:

That is more than a 100% markup! It's insane! I also saw it being dropshipped on Amazon for $79.99. 

How is this possible? 

Well, most eBay dropshippers use the same two suppliers: Amazon and Walmart. Dropshipping from Amazon or Walmart does definitely work. But, it is getting more and more competitive as more people use them.

If you want really high profit margins, you have to start to look at other suppliers that other people are afraid to use or don't know how to use. That's where Aliexpress comes in.

Aliexpress is a marketplace that sells a huge variety of items. It's similar to Amazon. But, the items on Aliexpress are usually much cheaper because they are usually being shipped directly from China. 

Many people (myself included) have been afraid to use Aliexpress in the past because we've “heard bad things about it”. We heard:

  1. There are long shipping times from China
  2. The products are bad quality and break
  3. The customer service is terrible
  4. Returns are very difficult 

​Go Where Your Competition Is Afraid To Go

Here's the thing: no supplier is perfect. People used to avoid dropshipping from Walmart because Walmart cancels orders sometimes. But once one person has success with a supplier, then other see it is possible and start using the same supplier.

You have a chance to beat the rush. You can start using one of these suppliers before everyone else does. 

Imagine if you could sell an item on eBay or Amazon that has no competition. You could be the only one selling the item! I know this is possible because I do it myself and I see other people doing it too!

​Why Aliexpress Is Great

Once you have a more open mind about new suppliers, you'll start to see the potential. 

I've been looking at Aliexpress the past week and noticed some incredible things about it:

Good Way To Start

If you're looking to start dropshipping from Aliexpress or any other supplier that most people don't use, then I highly suggest you watch the video I made about this. I go over how to find the right items to dropship from Aliexpress.

Click here to watch the video

I would also love to hear from you! Let me know if there are any other websites you've tried to dropship from.