Have you heard the new buzzword going around: “Manual Dropshipping”?

I'm sorry to say this but I hate the phrase “Manual Dropshipping” because it's really misleading. There are going to be many of you that disagree with me or that think I'm just being nit-picky. But keep reading. I'm going to prove to you why this term is more confusing than helpful.

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What Does “Manual” Mean?

First what does the word “manual” even mean? A quick Google search pulls up this definition:

worked by hand, not automatically or electronically.

So a “manual” dropshipping store would be one that uses no software and where nothing is automated. Traditionally dropshippers have used software to help us quickly list items onto eBay. If you list items manually, it will take about 4-5 minutes per listing, or 66 hours for each 1000 items listed. If you use software, you can list 100 items in less than a minute.

Dropshippers have also traditionally used software to help us reprice our items. So if the price changes on our supplier’s website like Walmart, or the item goes out of stock on Walmart, the software would make the same changes for us on eBay automatically. If you were to do these changes by hand, I couldn't even estimate how much time it would take – it would take all day.

Truly “Manual” Dropshipping is A Waste of Time

If you run a truly “manual” Dropshipping business then, by definition, you can’t use any of that software. And I’m telling you: that makes no sense.

If you don't use software you'll spend all your time running your store instead of growing it.

You should be using software, as long as it is the right software to use. And this is where the confusion comes in and why people are using this buzzword incorrectly.

People Use The Term “Manual Dropshipping” Incorrectly

You see there has been a shift in the best tactics to use for eBay Dropshipping. I’ve talked a lot about this a lot of my youtube channel and inside my course over the past few months.

Some YouTubers have called this new technique “manual dropshipping”. But it’s not. Even these YouTubers use some software to automate parts of their business. And that’s what you should be doing – as long as you are using the right software (btw if you want to see the right software to use, click here).

This means you can still have an automated dropshipping business.

Am I Being Nit-Picky? 

Now I know what people will say: This is just semantics. Everyone knows that when we say manual we don’t mean we aren’t using any software. But here’s the thing: many people are getting confused and don't know the difference.

I get dozens of messages a week from people who think they shouldn't use any software to run their business because everyone is telling them to make a manual store. They ask me “when are you going to add manual Dropshipping to your eBay course.”

I have to explain that (1) what they call “manual Dropshipping” is what I already teach inside my course but (2) I don’t call it manual dropshipping because it’s not manual. It’s still very automated if you know the right automation tools to use.

BTW, if you’re wondering what I do call it, I just call it dropshipping. It’s the same strategy I've used for years but with different tactics and different software. Every time there are changes on eBay, the strategy largely stays the same and it’s just the tactics and techniques that change. This is no different.

I Know You'll Still Call it “Manual Dropshipping”

Look, I know this buzzword has caught on. I know people are going to keep using it. I just wanted to bring some clarity to this and give my two cents about it.

But I want to hear what you think. Do you agree it's confusing or do you think I'm just being nit picky? Respond below and let me know!

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