In this blog, I'm going to teach you how to remove third-party authorizations from your eBay account.

Sometimes, you use software with your eBay account and then decide you don't want to use that software any longer. In addition to canceling your subscription with that software service, you also want to come into eBay and remove it from your account.

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Step by Step Instructions

It will be removed now. You will see that there are a lot there that you don't recognize. It doesn’t hurt to remove those as well.

Revoke Authorization

eBay itself has added a lot of this third-party software. If you revoke the authorization, it will usually get added back in automatically. So what you could do is revoke all of them, and eBay will add back in the ones that it needs to use later on. If you're wondering what they are, search for them, so copy and paste the software, search for it on Google and chances are in one of the forums somebody will tell you exactly what it means, but if you want to get rid of it, check it off. Click apply, and then you'll get a message saying your changes have been saved. It might take a few minutes for your changes to be shown.

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