In this blog, I'm going to cover the number one reason why I see people quitting dropshipping. There is one reason why most people quit. That's because they tried to do too much at once. You do not have to complicate this business model.

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Dropshipping Is Simple

This is a relatively simple e-commerce business model with a much lower barrier to entry than most e-commerce businesses:

Once the item sells you buy it from a supplier like Walmart and have it sent directly to your customer, so it's effortless. Don't over complicate it.

You Don't Need To Know Everything At Once

I see a lot of new sellers who want to know everything at first. They're not sure how everything works together, and they're trying to understand how it works before they even get started.

When you’re at step number one you don't have to worry about step number 50 until you get there. So start at step 1 and take baby steps to get there. Don't over complicate things.

I also see people doing things too much at once. You might try to dropship from 10 different suppliers, from 10 different Websites. You don't need to do that, pick one or two, then try those suppliers first. Try to understand how those suppliers work before you branch out and try other suppliers.

Don't Expand Too Quickly

If you are drop shipping on eBay or Amazon, don't expand right away. Don’t start dropshipping on the other one until you thoroughly mastered one of them. That's when things become very complicated. Don’t stretch yourself too thin. You want to be a hyper-focus on one area. Don't make your life harder by trying something else when you haven't even mastered the first one yet.

Similarly, you have to understand that this is a business; it takes time to scale it up. Don't think you're going to be making a million dollars in a month when you get started. That's not going to happen, so understand that it takes time to grow the business. Be patient with it and don't over complicate the process of increasing, because the growth of every industry does take time. It's the same thing when it comes to dropshipping.


Finally what I will say is that I see other people trying to learn it all on their own.  There are a ton of resources out there about eBay and Amazon dropshipping. Watch some youtube channels. Watch some of my free courses. Learn some stuff on your own with this free material instead of trying to figure it out all by yourself. Don't over complicate things, ask for help when you need it and take baby steps. This is a great business; it will grow if you're patient.