I went into this month feeling strong after the huge gains I made last month (last month I finally broke $1k in profit!). But my business quickly began to ebb. There were some days I didn't get a single sale! Luckily, I experienced a game changer about a week ago that is helping me to push my business to the next level (more on that later).

My Goals For This Month:

1. Get Up to 1,000 Listings- I completed this about a week ago. I'm at over 1,100 items now. Mission accomplished.


2. Don't Be Sloppy- Last month I accidentally gave some of my listings inaccurate titles and it cost me. This month I was more careful with my listings.

3. Continue Not To Focus on Profit/Numbers- I mostly achieved this goal. Even though sales were down this month, I didn't worry about it too much.

Other Achievements:

I got several more positive reviews. I also got a huge limit increase:


The Numbers:

Number of Sales:

99 (compared with 131 last month)




Total Profit: 

But wait, Paul. I thought you said sales were down this month. You made just as much as you did last month (if you exclude the credit card signup bonus you made last month). Well, yes, sales were down, but…

The Game Changer

Towards the end of this month I figured it out. I figured out how to sell profitably on eBay. It just clicked.


My Goals:

1. Get to 1400 listings. This may be a little under-ambitious. But I am going away for a few days this month. Really I want to get to 1500 but I'm going to keep my goal at 1400 for now.

2. Become tax exempt. Already in progress but I just have to wait on some paperwork.

3. Continue To Not Focus on Profit/Numbers. I'm less stressed out when I focus instead on consistently and patiently listing.  With that said, I made myself a little promise: Every dollar I earn over $1000 can be put towards the purchase of a new camera lens. I don't really need a new lens but there is one I really want. I know it's a very materialistic goal, but I know myself- this will motivate me!

4. Seriously consider forming an LLC. This is something I probably won't do this month. But if I break $1k again this month, then I will definitely do it next month.