September 2017 Income Report

Another incredible month. If I had to pick a theme for September, it would definitely be “team building”. The store grew a lot this past month but it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our awesome team. Unfortunatly/fortunately, we were super busy this past month and didn’t have time for any recreation. However, […]

August 2017 Income Report

Woah. That about sums up August. Woah. So much has happened this past month and my store grew in ways that, six months ago, I wouldn’t have thought was possible. What’s even more exciting is what I have planned for the month ahead. First, lets look at some fun things I did this month with […]

July 2017 Income Report

I went into this month feeling strong after the huge gains I made last month (last month I finally broke $1k in profit!). But my business quickly began to ebb. There were some days I didn’t get a single sale! Luckily, I experienced a game changer about a week ago that is helping me to […]

June 2017 Income Report

Spoiler Alert: I finally broke the $1,000 in one month mark! This is really an incredible feeling. Five months ago I never made a single dime online. Now I just gave myself a $12k/year raise! It was a lot of work but that has made this all feel more worth it! In fact I made […]

May 2017 Income Report

This will not be the most glamorous of income reports. Indeed, I barely broke even this month! Read on to find out why I don’t mind so much and why I still think that this was a very important month for me: My Goals for these past 30 Days: 1. Get to 500 active listings.  I’m […]

April 2017 Income Report

March was a great month for me. I had great sales, lots of reviews and my business really grew. Unfortunately, everything took a dive when April came around. I’m not sure why but read on to find out what happened: My goals for these past 30 days: 1.       Get a 500 item listing limit – Accomplished. […]